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The organization can be defined as the group of people working for the common goal irrespective of the machine, capital and infrastructure. Can you imagine the organization without people “NO”? This is were Centre for Business, Coaching and Mentoring plays the role. Because it the people that drives your organization irrespective of size, they bring in innovative ideas, they operate your machinery, they will lead the team and work to achieve the goal of the organization and celebrate the success.

In other words, your employees are the heart and soul of your business. Nothing will work without them.

Why start-ups need some HR functions.

Start-up companies have their problems of investment and with low capital, it becomes difficult to hire full-time HR, they rely on flexible business culture. The organized HR is not in their priority list one is because people see them as dreadful “corporate” culture killer that threaten innovation and flexibility. Hence having good HR usually takes a backseat.

HR if left untouched can do more harm than good. Organization politics can foster a toxic work culture, creates lots of confusion, gossip, unproductive work which give a negative impact on employee morale those who are performing.

The business that deliberately develops a strong HR function shows that they value employees as well as their business.

HR processes help start-ups

When you invest in HR, you are better at hiring because you’re more likely to:

  • Create inclusive job titles and descriptions that aren’t discriminatory.
  • Conduct structured job interviews.
  • Protect businesses from lawsuits.
  • HR processes help start-ups develop and retain employees

Start-ups with strong HR practices are better positioned to develop and retain employees, and both are important for business growth. They are more likely to:

  • Fairly compensate workers.
  • Invest in training managers. Start-ups are full of people who are “generalists” – employees who wear a lot of hats. These generalists often find themselves in management roles, without any formal management experience. Management training is important because the quality of your managers directly affects whether employees decide to stick with you or abandon ship.
  • Care about workplace culture.
  • Recognize the need for policies.
  • Cultivate career paths.

HR reflects a company’s leadership. If you value flexibility, you’ll be able to structure an HR department that is creative and flexible.

How the centre will help you

  • Complete survey will be done
  • Understanding the need of organization and expectation of the management
  • Finding best tools without disturbing much of the organization structure
    • Placing right people at right place
    • Identifying training needs
    • Defining organization structure & Policies
    • Motivating schemes for the employees
    • Diverting them for innovations
  • Tools
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Our Business Coaching Mentor Details

Dr. Nikhat M Hamza

Director,Centre of Business Coaching & Mentoring