Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)- Seeding Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of our University was established in 1999 as a self-initiative effort, when it was Crescent Engineering College. It was recognized by National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) in Feb 2004 with 8 lacs funding grant. Since them, we have active E- cell which is the core of entrepreneurship development department, which is fully managed and driven by the student community. With this cell we are providing plethora of activities related to entrepreneurship, providing training program, and other activities which will be helpful to develop the skill sets of an entrepreneurship in students, and those activities are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACs)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDPs)
  • Faculty Development Programs on Entrepreneurship (FDPs)
  • Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Programs (ESDPs)
  • Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Guest Lectures & Seminars on Entrepreneurship
  • Visits to various industries
  • Skill Development Training Programs
Objective of Entrepreneurship Development Cell:
  • To create an entrepreneurship eco-system in the institute, where students would learn the technicalities of entrepreneurship and become job providers instead of job seekers.
  • We at B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology, having a vision to produce entrepreneurs who will not only upscale their businesses but also become the part of national development. We are committed to full fill the vision of our beloved Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and P.M. Narendra Modi to develop the entrepreneurship eco system in the country where people should be job providers not job seekers
  • We at B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology, having a broader vision to provide our students one of the best training and development and impart best practices of entrepreneurship through our well trained and well qualified faculty members
  • We at our BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology have started a well developed entrepreneurship course work for the entire institute students irrespective of their branches to make them understand the importance of entrepreneurship and learn the technicalities of it
  • We are planning to start state of the art BUSINESS INCUBATION center where we provide spaces to the young and budding student’s entrepreneurs who want to work on their ideas and to convert their ideas in to commercialization
Expected Functions of Entrepreneurship Department:
  • Assist the incubates in creating a sustainable, scalable & profitable business model
  • Provide physical infrastructure and value-added support services
  • Create a strong network of mentors who would provide sector specific knowledge & real world practical guidance
  • Conduct events and inspirational programs
  • Provide trainings and mentorship to entrepreneurs
  • Forge partnerships and networks with academia, industry, funding sources, existing incubators and others for the start-ups to leverage
  • Enable access to prototyping facilities, test beds, markets, and pilot implementation for the product/services
  • Build a strong team with adequate knowledge and experience in guiding start-ups, building business plans, facilitating investments, building networks etc
  • An ideal application would be a collaboration between a corporate sector entity and a research oriented / academic institution with aligned areas of focus
Activities of Entrepreneurship Development cell:

In our institute we are having state of the art E- cell which is the core of entrepreneurship development cell, which is fully managed and driven by the student community only. With this cell we are providing plethora of activities related to entrepreneurship, providing training program, and other activities like:

  • Entrepreneurship awareness drive
  • Business plan competition
  • Guest lectures
  • Workshops
  • Knowledge camp
  • Boot camp for startups
  • Startup weekend (Google startup weekend)
  • State level entrepreneurship summit. ( 2 days year end summit)
  • Showcasing entrepreneurship motivational videos
  • Demo day (startups will present their ideas as well as prototypes)
  • Alumni start up talk (alumni startups only)
  • Kick start startups
  • Inter college entrepreneurship competition
  • High tea with startups ( inviting prominent local as well as national entrepreneurs for panel discussion and sharing their entrepreneurial journey.)
  • Ideation and brain storming simulation
  • Elevator pitching ( sharing business idea for funding)
  • Campus Ambassador
Future Course Of Action
  • Conducting entrepreneurship awareness drive at the departmental level, to create awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and motivate students to take part in the E-cell activities and be a member for E-cell
  • After the Entreperneurship Awareness Drive we are inviting student community to register to become a member for the E-club
  • According to the scheduled we shall start various activates
  • Each and every activity shall be having well defined objectives and a structural process for implementation
  • Starting BUSINESS INCUBATION center (it’s a place where student community would work on their ideas. Incubation center is a separate place in which we will provide the entire office setup with a common meeting room and a good library) and interacting students as well as faculty members to start working on their ideas, product prototyping, business planning etc
  • Starting CO-WORKING SPACE within the INCUBATION center so that people from different discipline or specialization could interact and form a totally new community for startup
  • Entering MOUs with other premier universities and colleges, institutions, alumni startups, government agencies to implement the best entrepreneurial practices across the Institute
  • If everything goes well try to have a TED TALK in our Institute in which we will call the most prominent real time entrepreneurs across the nation as well as international speakers

The Inno Idea Contest was conducted on 17.02.17 to showcase the budding talents of our students. The following projects were selected for funding. These projects are under progress.

Mr. Sadhish Prabhu Assistant Professor – ECE [email protected]
Dr. S. Revathi Assistant Professor – CSE [email protected]
Ms.Viyaya Lakshmi Assistant Professor – IT [email protected]
Ms.Nageswari . M.P Assistant Professor – E&E [email protected]
Mr.Salman Ayaz Assistant Professor – CA [email protected]
Dr. M. Jamal Mohammed Zubair Assistant Professor – MBA [email protected] Mohamed Aslam Noorani A.B
Dr.Basanta Kumar Behera Assistant Professor – POLYMER [email protected]
Mr.Sathiya Narayanan Assistant Professor – MECHNICAL [email protected]