The APJ Abdul Kalam Innovation Centre was established in October 2016 to provide space and facilities to nurture the innovative ideas of the students, scholars and faculties of our University. This center aims at motivating students to think out-of-the-box to generate creative ideas. It focuses on transforming innovative ideas into products of societal needs by providing technical guidance and filing patents and helping students to commercialize the products in the long run..

Our APJ Centre Coordinators
Our APJ Centre Celebration

APJ Abdul Kalam Innovation Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Akhtar Badshah, Chief Catalyst, Catalytic Innovation Group, presided by Mr. Abdul Qadir A. Rahman Buhari, Chairman, Board of Management, B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology on 15th October 2015, birthday of our founder, Alhaj B.S. Abdur Rahman and our former president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to cater to the innovative ideas of the students, scholars and faculties of our Institution.

  • Call for proposal with innovative idea.
  • Developing prototype of selected innovative projects.
  • Basic training to the students on their innovative idea.
  • Organizing workshop and demo day.
  • Recommending selected prototype to incubation center.
  • Forming mentoring team internal and external.


  • Motivating the students to think laterally and out-of-the-box to generate innovative ideas.
  • Transforming innovative ideas into commercial products of societal needs.
  • Faculties mentoring the students to carry out the project effectively by providing required technical guidance.
  • Providing guidance to students with the help of international resources and local resources for product development.
  • Organize workshops and guidance to students towards entrepreneurship.
  • Initial funding and space for students to work on idea to develop with commercial product from time of learning.
  • Filing patents, IPR and commercialization of the products in the long run.
  • Filing patents and commercialization of the products in the long run.



The Inno Idea Contest was conducted on 17.02.17 to showcase the budding talents of our students. The following projects were selected for funding. These projects are under progress.

1 Smart Clinic Rohit .J.K.,
Mohammed Rameezuddin.S,
Mech 5,000
2 Fire Extinguishing Shell Mohammed Ibrahim,
Anjana Preethi,
Felica Chariotte
Polymer Ph I – 7,000
Ph I I -5,000
3 Portable Instant Drinking Water Purifier Nareendran,
Faizal Ali A.P
Polymer Ph I – 10,000
Ph II – 5,000
4 Detection of Intrusion using infra red video application Syed Zakariya Ahmed,
Syed Md Mufizur Rahman,
Amjath Ali
Ph II – 5,000
5 Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Syed Muhammed Zubair,
Thoufiq Ahmed T.M,
Sivarama Shankaran.P.S
Mech Ph I – 5,000
Ph II – 5,000
6 Mitigation of NOx emission in internal combustion engines by nitrogen filtration methodology HariKrishnan.B,
Usaid Hammad,
Mohamed Aslam Noorani A.B
Mech Ph.I- 10,000
Ph.II- 10,000
7 Thermal Insulation for flat roof using glass fiber reinforced gypsum panels and light weight aggregates Mir Hasnain Ali Razvi, Mohammed Asir,
Mohammed uzair dulvi
Civil Ph.I – 10,000
Ph.II – 5000
8 Low cost bike theft protection Mohammed Murtaza Shayan
Thoufeeq Md Sadique
Shaik Abdul Ayaz
9 Visual Acceleration braking Mohammed Murtaza Shayan
Thoufeeq Md Sadique
Shaik Abdul Ayaz
Mech Mech
10 Immersion Heater Syed Sameeullah EEE 2,000
11 3D Printer V.N. Imadudeen,
Abdul Mohisn.S.N,
Sheriza Larif.A,
ECE Ph.I- 10,000
Ph.II- 10,000
12 Automated system for effective usage of water in Agriculture Farming Abishek.V,
Kiren Balaji.N
ECE 6,500


The List of innovative projects under progress :2016 – 2017
  • Prefabricated Panels using E-waste as low cost construction panels.
  • Open WIFI for Mobile Sim.
  • Development of Geopolymer composite.
  • Polyurethane Foams with improved flame retardant characteristics.
  • Low cost Air cooler
  • Lifi – Audio Transmission.
  • Voice Controlled Wheel Chair.
  • Hot spot Manager.
  • Supercapacitor
  • Washing machine controlled using PLC
  • Weed Remover
  • Advanced Accident Rescue System
  • Neonatal Temperature monitoring device
  • Body Mass Index – Nutrition Report

An Inno-Contest 2016 was organized by the Innovation center on 27.04.16. 30 batches of student teams displayed their innovative ideas. Best ideas were awarded cash price worth Rs.20,000/-

Our INNO IDEA CONTEST-2016 Participants
Our INNO IDEA CONTEST-2016 Project Presentation

A multi Disciplinary Talent Hunt competition was conducted to develop the Interdisciplinary research collaboration on 12-03-2016.

  • A team comprising of Dr. U. Sabura Banu, Dr. Latha Tamilselvan, Dr C. Tharini, members of Student Engagement Team (SET) visited the center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IIT Madras and Innovation and Incubation center, Hindustan University on 10.8.2015. The team members had a detailed discussion with Mr. James Rajanayagam, Project Consultant, K. Vijayalaksmi, Project Officer and Vidhiya Saravanan, Project Associate regarding the activities carried out in CSIE and establishment of Innovation center in B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute.
  • The first meeting of the Student Innovation center was conducted on 20th of August, 2015 at Seminar Hall, EIE Department. Dr. V. M. Perisamy, Vice Chancellor and Dr. V. Murugesan, Registrar briefed about the importance of students getting involved in Innovations of social impact. Department faculty co-ordinators and student representative attended the meeting.
  • Motivational experience sharing workshop was conducted on 12.9.2015 in Seminar Hall, III floor, Mechanical Sciences Block by the IDDS participants from B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute.
  • A special lecture was given on “Design Thinking and Innovation” by Ms. Yasmeen Fatimah, University of USA on 10th September 2015.
  • APJ Abdul Kalam Innovation center was inaugurated by Dr. Akhtar Badshah, Chief Catalyst, Catalytic Innovation Group on 15th October 2015 birthday of our founder Alhai B.S. Abdur Rahman and our former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The function was presided by Mr. Abdul Qadir A. Rahman Buhari, Chairman, Board of Management, B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute. Twelve innovative projects were displayed in the Innovation center.
  • Mr. Abdul Qadir A. Rahman Buhari, Chairman, Board of Management, delivered a speech in the Master class session.
Mr. Abdul Qadir A. Rahman Buhari, Chairman, Board Of Management, Delivered A Speech
Seventeen Faculty And Five Students Participated In TIECON 2015 Master Class And Conference
  • Dr. U. Sabura Banu, Professor visited Universities and Innovation centers in United Kingdom during 10th November to 15th November 2015. She visited many colleges, i.e., King’s College, Trinity College, St. John’s college and labs such as Watson’s and Crick’s Lab, Mathematical bridge, Cavendish Lab, in Cambridge University on 11th November 2015 and visited the research facilities in the Biotechnology Unit and Chemical Engineering Department.
  • She visited Sussex Innovation center which is hosted in Central City location even though the University is located in a remote place far from the city. The center helps in start-ups by way of mentoring to get-off right start, to get smart decision in selecting the right job and organize workshops/seminars to help them build skills.
  • She then visited the Impact Hub Westminster on 13th November 2015, which was established in 2011, a global network housing flexible working spaces for incubators with positive social and environmental impact which provides a platform for the start-ups through collaboration and support. She visited Entrepreneurship Career center at London Business School on 14th November 2015..
  • Mr. Suryarajan, AP/Mechanical Department has received a grant for the IDDS project “Neonatal temperature measurement” and implementation of the project is carried out by Dr. U. Sabura Banu, Mr. Suryarajan and their team in January 2016.
  • Innovative Idea Contest “INNO IDEA CONTEST 2016” to be conducted by A.P.J Abdul Kalam Innovation center of B.S Abdur Rahman Institute on 27.04.2016 .For more info follow the link www.bsarsic.wix.com/innocontest

    Thrust Areas

  • Material Science
  • Mechanical and mechatronics
  • Health Science
  • Biotechnology product development
  • IT
  • Energy conservation
  • Software and mobile app commercialization
  • GIS services
  • Electronics product development
  • Electrical instrumentation product development
  • Natural energy product development
  • Civil engineering products development
  • Chemical engineering product development
  • Product development for social needs


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